Blooming Wallflowers #48

Shop Blooming Wallflowers here – Do you let people in?In your heart?Or is the road to your heart paved with “no entry” signs? why?I know sometimes letting people in means hurt, but oh, what if you let people in and they fill your heart with love? then what? Take down the signs and paveContinue reading “Blooming Wallflowers #48”


That’s right folks – my new book is coming out soon and NOW you can pre-order it on Kindle!!!YAY!!!!!! It’s called Blooming Wallflowers and its LONGER than Barefoot Magic so we’ve got that going for us LOL!! I am sooooooooo excited and can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!I hope youContinue reading “NEW BOOK ALERT!”

Exciting New Things!

I love when I have an update with new, awesome things for you guys!Because really – writing isn’t about me but about you!What you can enjoy and read and love.And here I am with new awesome things! I’m on Audible now! That’s right – AUDIBLE!! – I found an AWESOME girl named Caitlyn toContinue reading “Exciting New Things!”

One Month Today!

AWESOME!!!My book has been out a whole month today and I am so thrilled!I appreciate each and every one of you who has purchased a book and left a wonderful review – you have no idea what it means to me! I’m also still working on my goal to sell 50 books this month!I’ve soldContinue reading “One Month Today!”

Lovely Readers and Wonderful Reviews

I love a good review!And I love that my lovely readers are taking the time out to review my book on Amazon and Goodreads!It means SO much to me for you guys to take the time out to do that!It helps my book get noticed AND shows that I actually do some good writing! LOL!!Continue reading “Lovely Readers and Wonderful Reviews”

Book Loving Babe!

Yes – that’s right as I write this it is Friday – but you could be reading this on another day so don’t hold onto that too hard. I’ve been on a roll with my Book Sales for my March Goal!I want to sell 50 books in March – because my Birthday is in MarchContinue reading “Book Loving Babe!”

It’s My Birthday Month!

That’s right – it’s my birthday month and we are hoping that this month brings us good luck and book sales!Isn’t that what we all want? February – the month we self published on Amazon – was amazing but we’re wanting March to be even better! Just a fantastic way to start off my birthdayContinue reading “It’s My Birthday Month!”

Monday Morning Moods

Happy Monday! No matter what time you’re reading this I hope you’re having an awesome day – even if it’s not Monday I hope your day is great. For some reason I’m feeling really optimistic today – it started last night actually – and I’m feeling pretty good about my book and how it’s goingContinue reading “Monday Morning Moods”

Oh Hello!

Welcome to my Author page!I keep seeing how Authors have their own websites so here I am.Websiting it up just for you!And a little bit for me too 😉 I am so excited to have finally published my first book, Barefoot Magic, and I am excited to share it with you and the world!It’s amazingContinue reading “Oh Hello!”